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Faculty, staff, teachers, and administrators all face unique challenges when planning for retirement. We have been serving Texas educators for more than 35 years, and are well versed in the nuances of the Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS), the Optional Retirement Program (ORP), and the other plans frequently offered, such as 403(b) Tax Deferred Accounts and 457 Deferred Compensation plans.

We have helped hundreds of faculty and staff at numerous universities, colleges, and school districts across the country, such as*:

The University of Texas
Texas A&M University
Texas State University
Round Rock ISD
Austin Community College
Blinn College
Austin ISD
ESC Region 13

We get these questions all the time.

New hires frequently ask:

  • How do I choose between TRS and ORP?
  • If I decide on ORP, how do I choose a vendor?
  • What happens to my accounts if I change employers?

All educators should be thinking about:

  • Do I need to save more than what goes into TRS or ORP?
  • I'm not sure I want to learn about managing investments. How can I get help that I can trust?
  • Should my investment manager have a fiduciary focus?
  • Should I use an annuity for my retirement account or stick with mutual funds?
  • What value am I getting for the fees I'm paying? Are my fees transparent or hidden?
  • Will TRS affect my or my spouse's eligibility to receive Social Security?
  • How can I convert my retirement accounts into a retirement income stream? What if I live longer than planned?
  • How much risk am I actually taking in my portfolio? Is it too much?

*It is unknown whether the listed clients approve or disapprove of the investment advisory services provided.

Let us help educate you on your retirement options so you can feel confident in your plan moving forward.

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